Prevention in Schools

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Enabling adolescents and young adults to act in a self-determined and responsible manner with regard to their sexuality and the associated risks such as HIV/STI is an important concern of the educational work of the AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam. Sexual health promotion includes the prevention of new infections with HIV/STI by informing about risks and protection possibilities.

"Grow up! But how?" - sex education work with 6. classes

Puberty is a very special time for children and adults. New, unknown feelings, joy, curiosity, fears and uncertainties are constant companions. With our offer we want to contribute to enabling young people to perceive sexual feelings and needs, to deal with them openly, to communicate and actively break down barriers. In order to prepare the event effectively and to bring about a lasting effect on the sexual self-confidence of the children, we work closely together with the educational staff. According to a modular principle, various topics can be included in the project.

thematic complexes:

    Puberty and sexuality

    Being in love,

    Love and contact with the opposite sex

    sexual orientation

    sexual assault


    Protection against sexually transmitted infections

    Life Plans

    Marriage and family

    Gender roles

"Love Talks" - sexual education work from/with 7th grade

Sexuality is a central and identity-forming matter that accompanies young people from an early age and raises many questions. Love, sexual health and safer sex are the central themes of our events in school work, but also in the youth leisure sector.

Thematic complexes:

    HIV/Aids and other STI

    Partnership, friendship and love

    Pregnancy and contraception

    Stigmatisation and discrimination of people

General conditions

The voluntariness of the participants and their interest in the topic are important prerequisites for the implementation of the prevention offers.

The discussion groups take place without the presence of the teaching staff.

The time required is at least 90 minutes.

Longer sessions are of course possible.

There will be gender-separated work (in two rooms up to grade 9) or with a maximum group size of 15 students per staff member of the AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam.