JUPP! Youth Prevention Team Potsdam!

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JUPP! Youth Prevention Team Potsdam!

Young people get to know each other at school and in their free time. Although the AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam very often carries out prevention work in schools, the leisure activities of young people should receive just as much attention.

The AIDS-Hilfe project "JUPP!" therefore provides knowledge about HIV, AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections (STI) and the correct use of condoms in on-site work. The goal of this project still is to increase understanding and knowledge among young people in this respect, to improve their social competence and self-confidence, minimize new infections and expand personal risk management. Information material and condoms are also distributed on site.

Target groups of the project are mainly young people from Potsdam and the surrounding area, whom we visit in discos, clubs and bars. The general population of Potsdam and guests are also integrated. Once a month the association, its staff and its preventionists visit youth events and meeting places for young people. The preventionists approach the young people directly and speak to them. They are of course always accompanied by our social workers.

During the winter months the members of the prevention team are trained. They then create packing lists, deal with the content of the information material, learn new methods and strategies and try out these new methods in role plays.

The members of the project are still looking for helpers and comrades-in-arms for this voluntary work once a month on site.


If you’re interested, please contact Hortense Lademann at

info@aidshilfe-potsdam.de or call: 0331-951 30 851