Adult Education

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Prevention and further training for various professional groups and interested parties


The AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam e.V. is a recognised specialist centre for HIV/AIDS and other STI with the goal of education and prevention work also through adult education. The assumption that prevention work should be as diverse as the people it is intended to reach plays a major role. That is why the events are tailored to the respective target group.


The training courses are aimed at interested multipliers and professional groups, e.g.



    pedagogical professional groups

    medical professional groups

    social occupational groups



You are very welcome to contact the AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam with your suggestions for cooperation projects. Together with you we will work out a specific concept.


The goals and principles of our education/prevention work are



    target group-specific



    authentic and putting the human being in the centre

    at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge


Our offers for:


1. teachers, educators and pedagogues, other multipliers


Much has been done in the field of HIV/AIDS in recent years without the current knowledge being known among the general population. With our training courses we would like to convey the current state of knowledge, present our sex education concept, contribute to the prevention of discrimination and stigmatisation and impart knowledge to teach and demonstrate an appropriate and non-discriminatory approach to HIV-positive people.


2. trainees/specialists in medical, nursing and social professions


In the medical and nursing fields, medical professionals meet HIV-positive people in their everyday work. Ignorance, prejudices and certain moral concepts lead to fear of contact and consequently to discrimination. Therefore, knowledge is imparted in order to provide security in dealing with HIV-positive clients. Whether in training, training of specialists or workshops, we will answer your questions.


Topics and course of events:





Reproduction cycle of HIV

Course of disease

Drug therapy - ART

Infectious body fluids

Terms and conditions of transmission

Transmission of HIV/risk of infection

HIV antibody test

safe sex

Current prevention strategies: PrEP, condom use, ART, N=N


"HIV- (k)ein Risiko?"


Queries interests

Hazardous situations at work

Basics HIV/HCV

Transmission routes HIV/HCV

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

Psychosocial aspects of HIV/HCV infection


"Patients with HIV - no need to panic"


Hazardous situations at work

Basics HIV

Transmission routes HIV

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

Discrimination during care of HIV-infected people

Queer living environments in outpatient care

Current/open questions/conclusion


Contact / Contact person: Sabine Frank


telephone: 0331-95130851


Sabine Frank

Sexuelle Bildung

Sozialarbeiterin (Diplom)

Koordianatorin der Initiative Brandenburg- Gemeinsam gegen AIDS