• Counselling and prevention for men* having sex with men* (M*SM*)

We also offer counselling and testing services exclusively for men* who have sex with men* (M*SM*) as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming people: We primarily test people who feel they belong to the gay community every first Thursday of the month from 4pm to 8pm. Additionally, every Friday, our M*SM* staff member Engin is available for on-site, email, as well as phone counselling for the gay community between 11am to 4pm.

  • Gay Health Chat

For all concerns about sexual health topics for M*SM*, the Gay Health Chat, a nationwide and anonymous peer-to-peer online counselling service, is available for all M*SM*. Full-time and volunteer staff from across the country can be reached online daily from 5pm to 8pm at www.gayhealthchat.de. The M*SM* representative of the AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam is also reachable in this chat. Inquiries outside this time will be answered promptly by the M*SM* representative.

It is expected that our staff member Engin will be available at the Gay Health Chat as of August 2021 for all questions regarding sexual health (e.g. HIV and STI infections, prevention methods/Safer Sex 3.0, HIV therapy and living with HIV, testing options, HIV and Corona, etc.). Other topics include:

  • Coming Out
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Fears
  • Queer Loneliness
  • Self-hatred & Internalized Homonegativity
  • Experiences of Discrimination
  • Kinks & Fetishes
  • Relationships
  • Chemsex and other party drugs
  • Networking with other M*SM*



The prevention campaign of the Deutsche Aidshilfe, IWWIT (Ich Weiss Was Ich Tu- Schwuler Sex. Schwules Leben.) helps to give men* who have sex with men* the current and scientifically based understanding of HIV/STI, living with HIV, safer sex and drugs/chemsex. In addition, it provides M*SM* with detailed information and tips about various aspects of gay life, such as life in old age, relationships, and fetishes.

For more information on IWWIT: https://www.iwwit.de/